Local Walks from Gweek Campsite

If you just want to short wander, we have an acre of woodland and a few acres of camping and growing land to stretch your legs around.

Fortunately the Public Footpath goes alongside our top field,  so you can stroll a little further easily by crossing the stile. Take a left and get a glimpse of the Helford river from 200m along bridleway track. 

For a more charming stroll, take a 5 minute walk down the road to the Gweek village center and then wander around. Perhaps take a rucksack to stock up at the local convenience shop and Post Office - which also has a coffee machine, warm pasties and Ice cream! Its especially nice on the village Green at at high tide. There are many different kinds of boats in dry dock at the boatyard which you can see if you head for their cafe.

For longer walks without getting in the car, there are a few loops which can be walked directly from the Campsite which involve a portion of the circuit being walked on the road. See coloured pathways and roads on photos of map or on footpath map weblink  or the Councils' own map https://map.cornwall.gov.uk/website/ccmap/index.html?zoomlevel=6&xcoord=169849&ycoord=26467&wsName=ccmap&layerName=Public%20Rights%20of%20Way. 

A 5km walk from Gweek to try might be: https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/7315764/Gweek-Arthurs-Table

There is no direct footpath to the Coastal Paths from Gweek unfortunately, so best to use transport first to  visit any of the numerous and beautiful coastal walks and beaches close by.